Corporate services

I provide workshops, seminars, in-house nutrition clinics and full corporate well-being programmes that suit the needs of your organisation.

Seminars, workshops & corporate well-being programmes

I provide a variety of seminar and workshop content covering nutrition, gut & brain health, mental well-being and sleep.

My colleague Ricky Brown and I also provide a full corporate well-being programme that incorporates 5 core modules; nutrition, exercise & movement, stress resilience, mindset management and sleep & recovery.

Each of our interactive and practical modules can be tailored to the needs of your organisation. Each module can be delivered individually or in the form of a comprehensive programme (time-scheduled for the convenience of your organisation).

To learn more about this highly effective, evidence-based health & well-being intervention please visit our website: 

31 Day Health Transformation Programme

What recent attendees have said…
“I recently attended Dan’s seminar and I was blown away by the level of information, practical advice and easy steps provided to optimise brain health. Having been involved in the health and nutrition sector in Guernsey, I believe his research, knowledge and advice are a cut above anything that I have seen locally.” – Vijay Wiltshire, Property Entrepreneur

“I would definitely recommend attending one of Dan’s talks. The content was informative, whilst also being relatable. Dan introduced simple ideas which have a huge impact on wellbeing. His passion for nutrition is evident and his enthusiasm encouraged me to rethink how I can make better choices for my physical and mental health.” – Roisin Sullivan

In-House Clinics

I provide in-house nutrition day clinics and ongoing coaching services for organisation members wishing to regain health or optimise their performance in the workplace.

If you would like to enquire about corporate services please contact me on 07781 416301

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